Artist-in-Residence Program

Open daily 12:00 – 21:00, Monday – closed
Ural Instrument-Making Plant, Gorkogo street, 17, 2nd floor

Artist-in-Residence program is one of the strategic projects of the Ural Industrial Biennial. For the first time it was held in the framework of the 2nd Biennial in 2012 and since then has accepted more than 20 artists from 9 countries who have created more than 30 art objects.

The program is aimed at cooperation between authors working in various disciplines of visual art, and operating plants. In this way, the Ural art residences fundamentally differ from many others in the world practice: artists get the opportunity to immerse themselves in the specifics of the region, with its features, myths and way of life. Here they get acquainted with the Urals industrial heritage and explore the production processes of existing enterprises.

Participation in the program of art residences allows to develop topics, techniques and technologies in a new context, to get a new experience of artistic production. This is facilitated by interaction with the industrial heritage, including not only the factories with their diverse history, but also railways, quarries, dams, forests and rivers.

For the curator of the Artist-in-Residence program Zhenya Chaika, it is important to comply with the general theme of the Biennial, because the intersection of the artist's creative interests with the aims of the project is essential for creating a holistic exhibition.

Zhenya Chaika:

– Understanding of the New Literacy is impossible outside the industrial field. The Internet of things, digital, VR and other phenomena characteristic of the fourth industrial revolution lead us further away from the material structure of the world. Meanwhile, to create one server, you need to process a lot of fossils. It is impossible to reach a new level of literacy without mastering the previous one. Within the framework of the Artist-in-Residence program, the approach to new literacy is carried out with the help of archeology searching for moments that change everyday life, the city, the landscape, the language. Through the exposure of transitional moments, the Urals are deconstructed to the basic elements: one of the tasks of art residencies is to make these elements visible. And this gives the Artist-in-Residence program the character of a large research project.

Besides the final exhibition, this year the Artist-in-Residence Program has launched Tours across Ural towns and industrial enterprises. Tours start every weekend from the Instrument-Making Plant.



Exhibition view

           Photo by Evgeny Litvinov

            Photo by Evgeny Litvinov

                 Hector Zamora. Nondestructive assays. Sound performance

              Nina Bisyarina. Splavni. Photo by Evgeny Litvinov

  Rudy Decelier. About the Heaviest Wave. Photo by Evgeny Litvinov

                                     Zhenya Machneva. White pavilion. Photo by Tanya Akhmetgalieva

                                                 Hannaleena Heiska. Treasury. Photo by Evgeny Litvinov

                                           Tanya Akhmetgalieva. Flakes. Photo by Evgeny Litvinov