04 september 2017

Between Fatigue: To the New Forms of Life exhibition opening on September 14

Railway Workers Palace of Culture

102 Chelyuskintsev Street

15.09. — 10.11.2017

Opening on September 14 at 19:00

The border between work and leisure is gone, it has been blurred by communication that becomes the basis of production and transforms life into a uniform stream, provokes feelings of tiredness and anxiety. Together with the participants we model utopian situations in which communication serves only personal and collective experience.

Curators: Elena Ishchenko, Antonina Trubitsyna

Artists: mock pack, Anastasia Albokrinova, ZhKP art group, ZIP collective, Anastasia Kizilova, Marina Marayeva, Ekaterina Nemenko, Night movement, Sergey Poteryaev, Kirill Savchenkov, Aksinya Sarycheva, Alena Tereshko, Valentin Fetisov, Stas Sharifullin