19 september - 12 november

School Program


Tour and entrance tickets – free (1,5 hours)

Creative lesson – 200 rubles per child (1 hour)


Tours and creative lessons for organized school groups are conducted on weekdays with prior booking at +7 992 346 46 18





One of the most important aims of the biennial is to teach children and teenagers to think independently and to understand the language of visual art. Mediators, specially trained guides, will accompany visitors into the world of contemporary art at Ural Industrial Biennial. A tour with a mediator is not a repeating from day to day tour guide’s monologue, but rather a group conversation and co-creativity. Mediators of the Ural Industrial Biennial went through special training in order to work with school children. Mediator has a wide range of methods that help him find a special approach for each group and make the visit to exhibition interesting for everybody. Mediator creates the route and chooses conversation topics based on the children’s age and level of knowledge. The tour for school children includes not just a presentation about the exhibited works but various group and individual tasks, discussions, and games. Each tour with a mediator is unique because it is filled with children’s emotions, views, and statements.

Creative workshops

As an addition to the tour, you can book a creative lesson with professional teachers and artists in a specially equipped educational space. A team of professionals has developed several types of creative lessons from which you can choose one that is of the most interest for your class. Individual lesson on a topic of your choosing can be designed.