19 september - 12 november

Central Industrial Laboratory

Main Venue – Ural Instrument-Making Plant, 17 Gorkogo street, Ekaterinburg

Recommended age: 13–17 y. o.

Every week from September 19 till November 12.

Laboratory opening hours: Every day except Monday, 12:00-21:00

Laboratory is a project for active and gifted children of ages 13 to 17. It allows them feeling like professionals in the field of contemporary art, and become participants instead of simple viewers.

We gather six groups in different artistic directions:

  • photography
  • dance
  • performance
  • video art and animation

Now accepting applications for the Laboratory!

Fill out the application here

Project groups lessons schedule:
Tuesday 18:00 – photo project
Wednesday 18:00 – performance project
Thursday 18:00 – literary art project
Friday 18:00 – animation project
Saturday 18:00 – theater project
Sunday 18:00 – architecture project