Performance platform


A platform is a melting pot for directors, actors, artists, musicians, dancers, performers, playwrights, and composers. They conceive new drama formats and create performances for non-theatrical spaces. The platform contributes to creating a new type of theatre performance in Ekaterinburg based on aesthetics of postdramatic theatre, and sets a new vector for developing theatre life in the city.

September, 15
Screening of the film Searching for the Flow
Ural branch of NCCA ROSIZO (Dobrolyubova St., 19a)
October, 11 - November, 09
Ural Lights. Oratorio.
Verkh-Isetsky Centre of Culture and Arts (Subbotnikov sq., 1)
October, 30 - November, 06
Performances of post theater (Saint-Petersburg)
Ural branch of NCCA ROSIZO (Dobrolyubova St., 19a)